Bendigo Racecourse

The Bendigo Racecourse is a country track in Victoria. It's well known for The Bendigo Cup and it's arguably one of the most beautiful tracks to visit in Australia.

The significance of The Bendigo Cup is the fact that it can be used as a form guide for the Melbourne Cup.

List of Important Races at Bendigo Racecourse

  • The Bendigo Cup
  • The Marong Cup
  • The Elmore Cup

Bendigo Racecourse Track Details

Over the year, the Bendigo Racecourse will hold approximately 25 race meetings.

It features Rye and Fescue grass types. Overall, the track measures 1995 metres in circumference and the home straight is 400 metres long.

The course can hold races up to 2400 metres.

Bendigo Racecourse History

In 1854, the Bendigo Jockey Club was created and they located themselves at the Racecourse.

Originally, the first Cup held in Bendigo came in 1868 and it was named the "Sandhurst Cup".

A key date at this track is 1998 when the course was completely rebuilt.

Bendigo Racecourse Map

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