Hawke's Bay Racecourse

Hawke's Bay Racecourse, or otherwise known as Hastings Racecourse, is located in the heart of Hawke's Bay, New Zealand.

The track is most known for hosting the Kelt Capital Spring Carnival from September to October every year.

This carnival features the Kelt Capital Stakes, which is one of the most famous races in New Zealand with a $2 million prize pool.

List of Important Races at Hawke's Bay Racecourse

  • Hawke's Bay Gold Cup
  • Kelt Capital Stakes

Hawke's Bay Racecourse Track Details

The Hawke's Bay Racecourse can hold Horse Racing from 800 metres up to 2500 metres.

The track can also host Hurdles and Steeplechases.

Hawke's Bay Racecourse History

1860 marked the start of the Hawke's Bay Gold Cup, making it one of the oldest races in New Zealand.

In 1888, it was first run by the Hawke's Bay Jockey Club.

Hawke's Bay Racecourse Map

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