2012 Formula: US Grand Prix
November 14, 2012 by Marc Jerbs

On Sunday, the Formula One racing moves to Austin, Texas for its inaugural race at the Circuit of the Americas. This newly built FIA-certified Grade 1 track will be the permanent home of the US Grand Prix until 2021.

A total of 56 laps must be completed to claim the US Grand Prix title among the competing teams. Each lap will cover 5.516km of the track for a total of 308.896km throughout the race. Race time is set at 1PM ET.

With two races left in the F1 calendar, Red Bull Racing-Renault's Sebatian Vettel holds a 10-point lead over Ferrari's Fernando Alonso in the driver's standings. Vettel's four successive grand prix wins helped him snatched the overall lead from Ferrari's top driver. Sebastian Vettel must have a cautious and incident-free race to secure his 3rd straight Formula One driver's championship title.

The sportsbook handicappers have installed Sebastian Vettel as the favorite to win the inaugural race of the US Grand Prix at the Circuit of the Americas. Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso are his main challengers in this race.

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