2018 World Cup Round of 16
June 29, 2018 by Marc Jerbs

On Saturday, the 2018 World Cup enters the knock-out state of the tournament, the Round of 16. Only 16 teams are left and all are wanting to become the new world champion as defending champion Germany was booted out by South Korea.

The 16 teams who survived were Uruguay, Russia, Spain, Portugal, France, Denmark, Croatia, Argentina, Brazil, Switzerland, Sweden, Mexico, Belgium, England, Colombia and Japan. The first match of the Round of 16 will feature France against Argentina.

Argentina hobbled in the group stage and was in danger of not qualifying in the Round of 16. Their sheer determination and hard work help them to qualify. France is likewise inconsistent in their group stages matches.

They could not afford to take it easy against Argentina. There is no tomorrow for the team who losses in this opening match.

The sportsbook handicapper have installed France as the favorite to win over Argentina on Saturday noon.

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