Snooker Betting

Snooker may not be as popular as Aussie Rules, Rugby League or Rugby Union in Australia, but it still has quite a strong and avid following. In fact, snooker betting is very popular among sports punters.

Snooker is a cue sport that is played on a large green baize or felt-covered table with pockets in each of the four corners and in the middle of each of the long side cushions.

Snooker, generally regarded as having been invented in India by British Army officers, is popular in many of the English-speaking and Commonwealth countries, with top professional players attaining multi-million pound career earnings from the game.

A regular (full-size) table is 12 ft x 6 ft (3.7 m x 1.8 m). It is played using a cue and snooker balls: one white cue ball, 15 red balls worth one point each, and six balls of different colors: yellow (2 points), green (3), brown (4), blue (5), pink (6) and black (7).

A player (or team) wins a frame (individual game) of snooker by scoring more points than the opponent(s), using the cue ball to pot the red and colored balls. A player wins a match when a certain number of frames have been won.

Snooker competitions are held year round in different parts of the globe - from China, to Germany to India. With a wide variety of events to choose from, punters will never run out of Snooker betting options.

Different Kinds of Snooker Bets

Outright Results
A bettor predicts which player or team will win a match or the championship.

Exact Winning Margin
The bettor simply selects the exact winning margin of a player or team.

World Number One
The bettor simply selects which player will be ranked as number one in the world rankings.

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