Line or Handicap Bets

Line or Handicap bets are bets that are offered to cancel out the differences in an uneven match by subtracting points or goals from the favorite and by adding them to the underdog.

If one team is considered by the bookmaker as 25 points better than the opposing team, that team is marked as -25. Dividends for this bet type are usually around $1.90 for both sides.

The following is an example of the odds for a Rugby match between England and Italy:

England -25 Draw Italy +25
1.9 20 1.9

Let's say, you placed a $100 wager on England, and England wins by more than 25 points, you get $1,800 as your winnings, plus your original $100 wager for a total of payout of $1,900.

On the other hand, let's say you placed a $100 wager on Italy. If England wins by only 24 points or Italy wins by five points, you win the bet with a payout of $1,900.

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