Multi-Bets are also known as a Multiple Bet or All Up. It is a combination of single bets that, in effect, multiplies your bet.

Multi-Bets are used to increase your odds by multi-betting your wagers. For example, you can choose an AFL team to win a match, combine it with an NRL team to win the Premiership, then combine it with a golfer to win a tournament.

Let's say you chose Collingwood at $4.30 to win a match in a particular round, and Canterbury Bulldogs to win the Premiership at $4.00 and Tiger Woods to win the Masters Golf Tournament at $5.00 and placed a $30 wager.

In turn, you have increased your odds to $86 (4.30x4.00x5.00) to win $2,580 ($30x$86) by multi-betting!

However, take note that bookmakers have a limit to the payout for a Multi-Bet so please be sure to check out the payout limits before even considering a wager.

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