Get Set For An Explosive 2009 MLB Division SeriesOctober 7, 2009 by Marc Jerbs

On Wednesday, the MLB Division Series formally starts with powerhouse teams jockeying for a place in the World Series. In the American League, you have the Yankees, Red Sox, LA Angels and Minnesota Twins. In the National League, it is led by the defending champs Phillies, Dodgers, Cardinals and Rockies.

Each team has a chance to hoist the World Series trophy but only one will emerge victorious. And that would be decided soon unless you have a favorite team to root for in the postseason.

The NY Yankees were the first to clinch the postseason berth, they have the best record in the regular season and able to secure the home field advantage throughout the season. I guess it's easy to say they have all the edge against their Division Series opponent, the Minnesota Twins.

These Yankees holds a 7-0 win record against the Twins during the regular season. And their last three matchups were all won by the Yankees via walk-off for a three game sweep. It's quite clear they know how the win against the Twins but we have to wait if they could bring it up a notch at the Division Series.

Will A-Rod snap his postseason funk? How will CC Sabathia and AJ Burnett perform in front all the die-hard Yankees' fans?

The Minnesota Twins extended their season with a win against the Detroit Tigers in their extra game matchup to determine who will face the Yankees. The Twins have nothing to lose against the Yankees.

Whoever the Yankees face is considered an underdog in the postseason. But if the Yankees over way to overconfident then we might smell a big upset in the making.

Having accomplished a lot of things at the regular season, these Yankees are the team to beat in the postseason. They have a superb pitching rotation, a dangerous offensive lineup and they are hungrier than before.

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