2009 Poinsettia Bowl:
Utah Utes vs. California Golden BearsDecember 22, 2009 by Marc Jerbs

On Wednesday, two promising college football teams whose inconsistent play dashed their hopes for a spot in a BCS bowl will meet at a consolation bowl game, the Poinsettia Bowl. The Utah Utes and California Golden Bears will face each other for a chance to redeem their swagger and winning tradition.

The Utah Utes were considered as one of the favorite to barge in national championship scene after beating Alabama last season. This season, they started with consecutive victories but got derailed by Oregon, TCU and BYU. All of which were big time college teams which proved to be costly for their national championship title aspirations.

Likewise, the California Golden Bears were ranked 6th in the beginning of the season but blowout losses against Oregon and USC started the losing tailspin wherein they ended their season with a 9-3 record.

Both of these were disappointed with the way the season played its course. You could sense a lot of frustrations once these teams collide in San Diego. This game could be a highly physical one since both teams would want to close their season on a high note.

This bowl game is too close to call; the handicappers have installed the Golden Bears with a slim 3-point favorite to beat the Utes. The Poinsettia Bowl could be the game that will feature two teams that are evenly matched but only one time will end up as a winner.

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