2010 AFC Championsip:New York Jets vs Indianapolis ColtsJanuary 19, 2010 by Marc Jerbs

Who would have thought that the NY Jets are still playing in the postseason after a so-so regular season performance? Alas, they barged into the AFC Championship with authority and the right to challenge the top seed Indianapolis Colts this coming Sunday.

NY Jets coach Rex Ryan should be given credit for not giving up on his team and he firmly believes that the Jets are capable of beating anyone in their path towards Super Bowl glory. He has protected rookie QB Mark Sanchez all season by imploring a run-based offensive sets. Also, the Jets defensive scheme was successfully retooled and it was quite evident during the playoffs. Expect Coach Rex Ryan to install continuous defensive blitzes every time Colts QB Peyton Manning has the ball. Their main mission is to stop Manning to find his groove and derail him orchestrate the offensive plays of the Colts.

The Indianapolis Colts are among the pre-season favorites to win the Super Bowl. Well, it looks like that's a good prediction unless they stumble against the Jets. QB Peyton Manning is the heart and soul of the Colts. He has brought the Colts at this stage numerous times. Each Colts player knows what to do when Manning is on the field. The Colts know to adjust in every situation that the opponents throw at them. They are a seasoned veteran team and will not be intimidated as the game progresses.

Analysts see the NY Jets as the underdog in this matchup. Well, they hit the bull's eye on this one. The Colts were installed as a 7.5-point favorite to beat the Jets by the handicapping experts. Let's just see if the Jets could pull another huge upset in the AFC Championship game.

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