2010 AFC Divisional Playoffs:Ravens vs. Colts, Jets vs. ChagersJanuary 13, 2010 by Marc Jerbs

The games in the AFC Divisional Playoffs could very well match up with the intensity and rivalry in the NFC. It's the top seed Colts against the dangerous Ravens and the electric Chargers faces the underachieving Jets.

We all know that the Colts are a premier playoff caliber team, they have a true leader on their team, enter QB Peyton Manning. The Colts follow Manning in every aspect of the game. Each players knows what to do when he calls on a play, this is the Colts' secret in playing a tough and cohesive unit. They believe in the abilities and field generalship of QB Peyton Manning.

The Ravens are known as the top ranked and toughest defensive team spearhead by veteran LB Ray Lewis. Lewis, known as a hunter of opposing quarterbacks could pose as a problem for the Colts' defensive linemen. He alone can get a QB rattled in a game. Plus, they also need the running plays of their three deadly RBs, Willis McGahee, Ray Rice and Le'Ron Mclain.

The San Diego Chargers have no problem at all in their offensive sets. QB Philip Rivers and RB LaDainian Tomlinson are the heart and soul of the Chargers offense. In order to advance, the Chargers must stop the running game of the Jets' versatile running backs. They Chargers are a little weak in the run defense without veteran run stopper Jamal Williams. They did work hard in addressing this issue during their 11-game winning streak but they must continue to do it against the Jets.

The NY Jets was not expected to be in the playoffs this season. But they persevere under Coach Rex Ryan who installed his defensive philosophy in the Jets' system. Against the Chargers, the Jets will have its running game in full force with rookie Shonn Greene and veteran Thomas Jones. If these two RBs are successful in their running game, it will eat a lot of time in the clock which could be a major stumbling block for the Chargers' passing game.

It's the best offense against the best defense between these two AFC Divisional Playoff matches. The Colts were installed as a 6.5-point favorite against the Ravens while the Chargers got a 7.5-point advantage over the Jets. This is the NFL playoffs fever!!!

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