Formula One Racing:2010 Australian Grand PrixMarch 24, 2010 by Marc Jerbs

Last March 14, the Bahrain Grand Prix opened the 2010 season of Formula One racing. The race was a blast as the Ferrari tandem of Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa scored a 1-2 finish for the prancing horse team. Alonso displayed his racing style during his debut for Ferrari while Massa returned healthy after a life-threatening injury last season.

This Sunday, the next race moves to Melbourne for the Australian Grand Prix. The rest of the teams hope to prevent the Ferrari team to snatch another win this season.

The Red Bull and McLaren team are the ones that could stop the initial flurry and racing pace set by Ferrari at the Bahrain Grand Prix. Both, Red Bull and McLaren are dead set to fix their minor problems that beset them at the Bahrain Grand Prix.

These three top teams should also look over at the Mercedes GP team which is led by 7-time champion Michael Schumacher and promising young German driver Nico Rosberg. Both race car lacked race pace, technically a minor glitch that can be analyze and solve without a hitch.

The racing handicappers have installed Ferrari driver Fernando Alonso as the favorite to win his second consecutive race this weekend.

Although, Red Bull's Sebastien Vettel is lurking behind and could snatch his first win of the season unless Ferrari and Alonso got careless in the race.

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