2010 Formula One Racing:Japanese Grand PrixOctober 06, 2010 by Marc Jerbs

On Sunday, the Formula One racing continues its Asian schedule with a pit stop at Japan's Suzuka circuit for the Japanese Grand Prix. The 53-lap race will cover the 5.087km circuit length for a total race distance of 307.471km.

The figure-eight shape Suzuki circuit was known for setting the limit of a car and driver's endurance. The track features the most challenging corners such as the high-speed 130R section and the well-known Spoon Curve.

With only four grand prix remaining on the schedule, Ferrari's Fernando Alonso moved up to 2nd place in the driver's standing with back-to-back wins in Italy and Singapore. McLaren-Mercedes Lewis Hamilton was relegated to 3rd place while RBR-Renault's Mark Webber is still the man on top.

However, the Ferrari team is quite optimistic that they could still make a run for the championship. The red Ferrari cars have now the race pace, reliability and durability that were non-existent in the early and middle part of the season. RBR-Renault and McLaren-Mercedes have noted the resurgence of the Ferrari team. These two teams have now serious company vying for top honors in the championship.

The race handicappers have installed RBR-Renault's 2nd driver Sebastien Vettel as the favorite to win the Japanese Grand Prix. He should be on a lookout since Ferrari's Fernando Alonso is just around the corner and on a hot winning streak.

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