Formula One Racing:Spanish Grand PrixMay 05, 2010 by Marc Jerbs

After three weeks of hiatus, F1 Racing comes back to life this Sunday at Circuit de Catalunya for the Spanish Grand Prix. This is a 66-lap race in a 4.655km race track with a total race distance of 307.144 km.

The F1 season is shaping up as a race between McLaren-Mercedes, Mercedes GP, Ferrari and RBR-Renault. In the early races, it was Ferrari and RBR-Renault who blitzed the competition but in the next races before the three week break, it was the McLaren-Mercedes and Mercedes GP turn to show their stuff.

The driver's standings also changed from time to time, early frontrunners Ferrari's Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa were relegated to 3rd place and 6th place. The top two spots are now held by McLaren-Mercedes Jenson Button and Mercedes GP Nico Rosberg.

The sportsbook handicappers are not totally convinced on the latest F1 standings. They installed 5th placer RBR-Renault Sebastian Vettel as the favorite to win the Spanish Grand Prix. Now, that's a bold handicapping prediction.

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