2010 March Madness College Basketball TournamentMarch 16, 2010 by Bryan Polks

What time is it? It's game time. What time is it? It's March Madness time. Bring out all the pom-poms, sit back and pop a corn as we all watch the best college basketball team fight it out for a chance to be crowned as the number 1 collegiate basketball team in America.

Sixty four college basketball teams will slug it out to reach the Final Four in Indianapolis. Before the tournament starts on March 18, an opening round match between Arkansas-Pine Bluff and Winthrop will be held on March 16. The eventual winner will be seeded 16th and face Duke in the 1st round of the college basketball tournament. In this tournament, every team has a chance to emerge as tournament champion. Expect a lot of upset wins by the underdog or low seeded teams; this is the excitement of March Madness. One loss, you're booted out and try again next year.

The tournament is divided into 4 regions, namely; Midwest, East, West and South. Each region will feature 16 different college basketball teams and would be seeded from 1-16. The four number 1 seeds, Kansas, Syracuse, Kentucky and Duke are the team to beat in their respective regions. However, would these four teams march into the Final Four? Now that remains to be seen.

Among the top four teams, the sports betting handicappers have installed the Kansas Jayhawks as the legit favorite to win the tournament. It's easy for them to figure it out but there 63 teams that could spoil this one big-time. The team who has the determination, perseverance and a big heart will eventually be crowned as champions. Who is that among the 64 teams? That's up to us to find it out.

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