2010 NBA Playoffs Game 2:Miami Heat vs. Boston CelticsApril 20, 2010 by Bryan Polks

On Tuesday night, the Boston will face again the Miami Heat for Game 2 of their Eastern Conference 1st Round Playoffs. The first game featured a highly physical and emotional game. But, the Celtics managed to comeback on an early deficit and eventually defeated the Heat.

The Celtics' Game 1 win was tainted with an explosive altercation between Quentin Richardson and Kevin Garnett. Boston got the harshest penalty with Kevin Garnett suspended for Game 2 while Richardson was fined for $25,000.

For the Heat, this is the time to take advantage of the situation. It's their opportunity to tie the series against the Celtics with Garnett sitting out the game. The heat must sustain their high level energy for 48 minutes and must figure out on how to break the Celtics defense. Coach Spoelstra should ask his players to move the ball well and set their half court offense efficiently. The Celtics manage to disrupt the Heat's offense by forcing the Heat to speed up its offense and rush their shots. The Heat committed 22 turnovers as a result of Celtics tenacious defense.

The Celtics have played without Kevin Garnett during the regular season, and they know how to win game without him. They have also beaten the Heat without Garnett in two of their regular season matchup. With Garnett out, expect Glen Davis, Kendrick Perkins and Rasheed Wallace to shuffle in and out of the bench.

The sportsbook handicappers have installed the Celtics as a slim 1-point favorite to defeat the Miami Heat on Tuesday night.

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