2010 NFL Week 15:New York Jets vs. Pittsburgh SteelersDecember 14, 2010 by Marc Jerbs

On Sunday, the NY Jets are booked for a grueling match against the AFC North leader Pittsburgh Steelers. Game time is set at 1PM in Heinz Field, the home of the boisterous black and gold Steelers' fans.

The NY Jets hopes to win on the road after enduring back-to-back losses against the Patriots and Dolphins. With only three week games left in the season, the Jets need every win it could get to qualify for a playoff spot in the AFC.

QB Mark Sanchez needs to improve his leadership and play making abilities to stop the Jets' losing skid. His passing efficiency was down in their last two games. The Jets could improvise in their offense, if their passing game is off, they could switch to their offense with RB LaDaninian Tomlinson. Over reliance with QB Sanchez's passing game is an easy target for the Steelers' vaunted defense.

The Steelers' defensive unit carried the load during their 23-7 win against the Bengals. Interceptions by Troy Polamalu and LaMarr Woodley which resulted into TD return were more than enough to win the game. If the Steelers continue this kind of suffocating defense, the Jets would have a hard time to secure a road win this Sunday.

The sportsbook handicappers have installed the Pittsburgh Steelers as a 6.5-point favorite to beat the NY Jets this coming Sunday.

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