2011-2012 NBA Season:Boston Celtics vs. Miami HeatDecember 27, 2011 by Marc Jerbs

On Tuesday, the Boston Celtics face the Miami Heat in an Eastern Conference match up. AmericanAirlines Arena will host this game and tip-off is set at 8PM ET.

The Boston Celtics opened their season on the road against the New York Knicks. The game rekindled the rivalry between the Celtics and Knicks. Tempers flared due to a lot of pushing and shoving from players on both teams. However, the Celtics went down, 106-104.

The lockout will clearly affect the rhythm of teams loaded with aging veterans. Celtic's Paul Pierce was injured during the shortened preseason games. Pierce is a vital cog in the Celtics quest for another NBA title. A shortened season seems to favor young and athletic teams throughout the NBA.

The Miami Heat opened the season with a bang as they bludgeoned the defending champions Dallas Mavericks for 36-minutes and rest the Big 3 in the last quarter for a 105-94 win.

The Heat retooled its offense but still has the suffocating defense they employed last season. The Heat's offense called "pace and space" is centered to confuse its opponents with speed and players are space far enough with each other so the Big 3 could operate freely.

It was evident that Lebron and Wade used their tremendous athleticism to the hilt against the Mavericks. Last season, both players were somewhat hesitant to speed up their game. Coach Spoelstra let his players use their high basketball IQ and loosen up his firm hold this season; he has lessened his play calling behind the bench.

The sportsbook handicappers have installed the Miami Heat as the favorite to beat the Boston Celtics on Tuesday night. The Celtics must not play the Heat's up tempo scheme if they want to beat the Heat.

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