2017 NBA Finals Game 3:Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Golden State WarriorsJune 06, 2017 by Marc Jerbs

On Wednesday, the 2017 NBA Finals moves to East Coast for Games 3 and 4. The Cleveland Cavaliers will host the Golden State Warriors at the Quicken Loans Arena and game time is set at 9PM ET.

The Golden State Warriors has a 2-0 lead in the NBA Finals. Last year, this was also the case but the Cleveland Cavaliers turned things around and snatch the Larry O'Brien trophy after their 3-1 series deficit comeback.

However, Cleveland's Lebron James has warned his team that this version of the Warriors is a different breed from what they encountered last year. Golden State has invested heavily in bringing Kevin Durant to the Bay Area. Games 1 and 2 showed that they are all good in bringing him aboard.

With Kevin Durant in their lineup, the Warriors are more lethal in their offense as well as in defense. It helped and eased the load on Stephen Curry as he was the targeted last year by Cleveland's swarming defense. Golden State is hard to defend since they are always in motion and has no set offensive plays. To defeat them an opponent must play perfect basketball for 48 minutes.

Playing and competing with the Warriors for 48 minutes is not an easy feat. Cleveland has the energy to match them for the first two quarters but as Golden State stepped on the pedal in the 2nd half everything starts to fall apart for the Cavaliers.

Lebron James is hands down the most consistent Cleveland player for Games 1 and 2. He needs help with his other teammates not named Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love. Cleveland's bench player could not play at par with Golden State's bench such Andre Iguodula, Shaun Livingston and Javale McGee.

Cleveland must not blame their recent struggles against the Golden State with the arrival of Kevin Durant. Lebron James knew how deadly and hungry is KD for his NBA title. If Cleveland's bench will not perform in Game 3, LBJ knows that this NBA Finals will be end quickly but the pain will linger in the offseason.

The basketball handicappers have installed the Golden State Warriors as a 3-point favorite to beat the Cleveland Cavaliers in Game 3 of the 2017 NBA Finals on Wednesday night.

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