2018 Formula One Racing: Chinese Grand Prix
Arpil 12, 2018 by Marc Jerbs

On Sunday, the Shanghai International Circuit in Shanghai, China will host the 3rd Formula One race of the season, the Chinese Grand Prix. Ferrari has won the first two races of the season. This situation is not many would have predicted during the offseason testing.

In Australia, Mercedes claimed they were beaten by a software in their F1 car system that gave Ferrari the chance to win it.

In Bahrain, it was evident that Ferrari was dominant during the practice, qualifying session and the race. Ferrari has sent a strong message to Mercedes as well as the teams that they a strong and reliable F1 car this season.

Mercedes must regroup this week to stay closer to Ferrari in the standings. Mercedes has won every race at the Shanghai International Circuit since 2013.

It is a good sign that history is on their side and they have known this track very well but expect Ferrari and Sebastian Vettel to race hard over the weekend.

The sportsbook handicappers have installed Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton as the team to beat on Sunday's Chinese Grand Prix.

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