2019 Formula One: Grand Prix De Monaco May 23, 2019 by Marc Jerbs

On Sunday, the Circuit de Monaco will host the 6th race of the 2019 Formula One season, the Grand Prix de Monaco.

The 78-lap race will cover a total race distance of 260.286km and each lap will have 3.337km circuit length. Race time is set at 3:10 PM local time.

The narrow and tight street circuit will challenge the skill and composure of every F1 driver.

Ferrari has not one a single grand prix race this season. Mercedes has shown them again and again who has the superior F1 package.

Ferrari has moved back to the drawing board and indicated that they have pinpointed the problem that hounded them in the first five races.

Mercedes has a big lead in the constructor's championship but Ferrari has still 16 races to go and a lot of races left to chase them.

Ferrari has a stronger engine but it does not complement well with their aerodynamic package.

It was announced that Ferrari have tinkered with their F1 car and hope to compete well at the Grand Prix De Monaco.

The sportsbook handicappers have installed Mecedes' Lewis Hamilton as the driver to beat on Sunday's Grand Prix De Monaco.

2019 Formula One: Grand Prix De Monaco

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