2019 Formula One Racing: Hungarian Grand Prix August 01, 2019 by Marc Jerbs

On Sunday, the Hungaroring in Mogyorod, Hungary will host the Hungarian Grand Prix. The 70-lap race will cover a total race distance of 306.63km and each lap will have 4.381km of the circuit length.

The Hungaroring is often compared to a karting circuit because of the lack of straights but has a series of corners that will be a quite challenge for drivers.

Speed is not a pre-requisite in this race but a nice set-up of downforce on a sturdy chassis could help a team win over the short straights offered by the Hungagoring.

The might Mercedes team finally was out of the podium finish this season.

The weather did some havoc on Mercedes duo drivers of Hamilton and Bottas.

Red Bull's Max Verstappen got his 2nd win of the season and Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel took 2nd place after starting the race in 20th place.

Ferrari's Charles Leclerc chance for his maiden win was derailed again after he spun out of the wet track.

The Hungarian Grand Prix will give the Mercedes team to redeem themselves.

While Ferrari hopes to build momentum on the strong comeback of Sebastian Vettel.

The sportsbook handicapper have installed Mercedes' Lewis Hamilton as the favorite to win Sunday's Hungarian Grand Prix.

2019 Formula One Racing: Hungarian Grand Prix

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