2020 US Presidential Election March 19, 2020 by Marc Jerbs

With Democratic Party delegates voting in different states to choose who will go up against 2nd term seeking U.S. President Donald Trump and bearer of the Republican Party.

There are two Democratic candidates that have locked horns in the presidential primary election.

Former US Vice President Joe Biden and incumbent Vermont senator Bernie Sanders have presented with their delegates their vision and plans on for the upcoming US Presidential election.

Both man may have different plans but they do share a common vision.

In the latest count, Bernie Sanders has won the states of New Hampshire, Nevada, California, Colorado, Utah and Vermont.

While Joe Biden snatched victories in Alabama, Arkansas, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia.

After Tuesday's primaries, Joe Biden is projected to win in Arizona, Florida and Illinois.

With a looming win in the horizon, former VP Joe Biden is getting closer to represent the Democratic Party in the US Election on November 3.

The sportsbook handicappers are both giving incumbent President Donald Trump and Democratic Party representative Joe Biden equal chances to win the upcoming 2020 US Presidential Election.

2020 US Presidential Election

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