2023-24 NFL Week 10: Carolina Panthers vs. Chicago Bears November 9, 2023 by Marc Jerbs

On Thursday, the Carolina Panthers will face the Chicago Bears to start Week 10 of the 2023-24 NFL season.

Kick-off is set 8:15PM ET at Soldier Field in Chicago, Illinois.

The Carolina Panthers and Chicago Bears are both underperforming this season.

But Chicago has a chance to boost their chances to get the top overall drack pick in next year's draft if they manage to get a win against the Carolina Panthers.

The Bears owns Carolina's 2025 first round draft pick and is also in running for the top draft pick together with Carolina and Arizona as all of them have a losing record.

The Carolina Panthers promising season came into an abrupt stop due to injuries to its starting players.

Their defensive unit was hit the most as their depth chart became thinner as the season progressed.

No. 1 pick and rookie QB Bryce Young has been inconsistent for the Panthers but coach Frank Reich will stick with him as his starting quarterback because he knows that Bryce Young's game will come around.

The sportsbook handicappers have installed the Chicago Bears as the favorites to win over the Carolina Panthers on Thursday night.

Team Stats

Carolina Panthers
4th NFC South (1-7) Away (0-2) STRK L1
Chicago Bears
4th NFC North (2-7) Home (1-3) STRK L-2
17.5 Point Per Game 26.9
28.3 Points Allowed 20.9
1,497 Net Passing Yards 1,715
770 Rushing Yards 1,218

2023-24 NFL Week 10: Carolina Panthers vs. Chicago Bears

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