2023-24 NFL Week 9: Miami Dolphins vs. Kansas City Chiefs November 3, 2023 by Marc Jerbs

On Sunday, the Miami Dolphins will face the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 9 of the 2023-24 NFL season Kick-off is set 9:30AM ET at the Deutsche Bank Stadium in Frankfurt, Germany.

Dolphins' RB Tyreek Hill will face his former team after the cash-strapped Kansas City Chiefs was forced to trade him in exchange for draft picks.

In his second season with Miami, Tyreek Hill has formed an amazing bond with QB Tua Tagovailoa which catapulted the team with the No. 1 offense in the league this season.

Kansas City Chiefs used the draft picks they received in exchange for former RB Tyreek Hill to build and improve its teams.

Currently, they are the league's No. 2 pass and scoring defense. They believe that the trade worked for both teams.

This season, the Chiefs have struggled to find a reliable pass-catcher besides TE Travis Kelce and this could be crucial as the season progresses.

The sportsbook handicappers have installed the Kansas City Chiefs as the favorites to win over the Miami Dolphons on Sunday morning.

Team Stats

Miami Dolphins
1st AFC East (6-2) Away (2-2) STRK W1
Kansas City Chiefs
1st AFC West (6-2) Away (3-1) STRK L1
33.9 Point Per Game 23.4
25.5 Points Allowed 16.1
2,412 Net Passing Yards 2,210
1,214 Rushing Yards 841

2023-24 NFL Week 9: Miami Dolphins vs. Kansas City Chiefs

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