FIFA World Cup 2010 South AfricaJune 09, 2010 by Marc Jerbs

On Friday, the 2010 FIFA World Cup formally opens it door to millions of soccer fans in Cape Town, South Africa. It's the first time South Africa will act as a host nation since the start of the World Cup in 1930.

A lot of festivities are in store as South Africa prepares for the opening ceremony. There are two scheduled opening matches; it would be South Africa vs. Mexico and Uruguay against France. This could be a challenging game for the South African team since the Mexican team is also a tough opponent. Team Mexico has a 2-1 series lead against South Africa in their head-to-head match up.

Italy won their fourth World Cup trophy last 2006 in Germany. They are eager to add another one under their wings which would eventually tied them with Brazil who has earned 5 World Cup titles. These two are the main targets of the other teams such as England, Spain, Germany, France, Argentina and dark horse United States.

The sportsbook handicappers have installed Spain as the early favorite to win the FIFA World Cup 2010 crown. However, Brazil and Argentina could possibly take away the title if Spain falters in the end.

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