TCU Horned Frogs stakes their unbeaten record against the Wyoming CowboysNovember 18, 2009 by Marc Jerbs

This Saturday, the Horned Frogs travels to War Memorial Stadium to faces the Cowboys. With a 10-0 record, TCU is in 4th place in the BCS standings. They have a huge task ahead to finish their regular season without a loss; doing so would create a huge noise around the College Football hierarchy and possibly land a spot in the National Championship game. However, they are assured at least of a spot in any of the BCS games; it may be difficult for them to dislodge Florida, Alabama and Texas atop the BCS standings. These three teams are also undefeated and are unlikely to slip up in their remaining games.

TCU coach Gary Patterson would like his players to concentrate on their last two games and not worry about their BCS placement. He believes that if the Horned Frogs do the talking on the field the College Football committee will do the hard work on where to place TCU in the BCS games. Now, that's a prep talk coming from a good 'ole coach. But he's right; if the people behind the BCS committee would not consider them for a national championship, otherwise give TCU a seat on the other BCS games on schedule. If you earned a spot in any BCS games, grab the opportunity and win the game convincingly.

For the Wyoming, they could ruin the plans of TCU of going undefeated. The Cowboys may act as spoilers to the Horned Frogs grandiose ambition for a spotless record. The Frogs won't be an easy opponent for the Cowboys. But a slight slip up by TCU on the field is the only thing that Wyoming needs to upset them this weekend.

The seasoned handicappers see the other way around on this match up. It may take more than a slight slip up by TCU for an upset win by Wyoming; the betting gurus have installed the Horned Frogs a 35-point favorite to beat the Cowboys. Do I see a lopsided win in this game? You bet it is, but who'll end up in the losing end? Relax in your couch, eat some popcorn and watch this intriguing game over the weekend.

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