NBA Basketball Action:Indiana Pacers at LA LakersMarch 02, 2010 by Bryan Polks

On Tuesday, the Indiana Pacers faces the LA Lakers on the road the plush Staples Center. With a 20-39 record, the Pacers realistically won't make the NBA playoffs this season.

For this week, all their games are on the road. They will meet the Lakers, Blazers, Nuggets and Suns during that span. These are all powerhouse West teams that are locked in a playoff positioning battle. The Pacers could have played well in the Eastern Conference if they could find the right pieces that could complement Danny Granger.

Against the Lakers, it's a possibility Granger may not suit up as he attends to some personal matters. The Pacers may encounter a tough beating against the Kobe-led LA Lakers.

For the Lakers, this is the right time to win their remaining games in bunches. It is the perfect opportunity for them to catch the Cleveland Cavaliers for the best NBA record and locked the home court advantage throughout the playoffs. They need to rise up to the challenge while the Cavaliers await the return of Shaquille O'Neal from his thumb surgery.

The LA Lakers are the clear cut 12.5 point favorites to beat the Indiana Pacers come Tuesday night. An upset is highly unlikely to happen for this game and don't bet on it.

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