Minnesota Vikings face another acid test against the Arizona CardinalsDecember 2, 2009 by Marc Jerbs

Brett Favre and his Vikings play another tough opponent as the regular season draws closer to an end. Opponents are always fixated on in stopping the running game of Vikings' RB Adrian Peterson. Most of them succeed in limiting the Pro Bowler in showing his venomous running game.

Stopping Adrian Peterson is a major defensive victory of opposing teams. But, letting QB Brett Favre tremendous air attack is doing the most damage against their opponents. He's such a tremendous passer whose accuracy is nearly perfect and he's spreading the ball from 5 different receivers. That alone, confuses the opponent's defensive assignment.

To beat the Vikings, you must pick your poison. Stop Brett Favre and let RB Adrian Peterson run loose or vice versa. If Brett Favre continuous to play very well and is protected firmly by his defensive linemen, then expect another purple victory on the road.

The Cardinals can match the Vikings in terms of player match ups. They have QB Kurt Warner and WR Larry Fitzgerald which could counter the duo of Favre and Peterson. But, Warner is placed on a day to day injury status as he continues his battle from a lingering post-concussion symptom. In last week's loss against the Titans, QB Matt Leinart replaced him as the starter in that game. He did a solid job, completing 21 of 33 passes for 230 yards with no interception. But, the Cardinals need a veteran QB to compete against Brett Favre.

With a lingering injury hounding QB Kurt Warner, the Vikings are favored to beat the Cardinals on Sunday. It may be a painful forecast, but QB Matt Leinart is still raw to compete against the veteran QB Brett Favre.

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