QIPCO British Champions Series:Artemis Goodwood Cup
August 01, 2012 by Marc Jerbs

On Thursday, the third leg of the QIPCO British Champions Series continues with the 2-mile Artemis Goodwood Cup. This would the 200th edition of the race which would be held at the famous Goodwood Racecourse.

This two-mile long distance race is best fitted for thoroughbreds that could pace and outlast the rest of the competitors. This race is not for sprinters but for horses that could sustain his energy and for jockey that could strategize very well on how he could run the racecourse.

There are 10 horses that qualified from the race. Among the active jockey in Europe, Frankie Dettorie has registered 3 wins in the Artemis Goodwood Cup. Last year, he won the race atop Opinion Poll.

The sportsbook handicappers have installed Saddler's Rock as the favorite to win the 2012 Artemis Goodwood Cup. Colour Vision, Simenon and Lost in the Moment are his main rivals in this challenging race.

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