USC Trojans faces the Oregon Ducks for a PAC-10 rivalry matchOctober 28, 2009 by Marc Jerbs

On Saturday, the Trojans and Ducks will clash head on at Autzen Stadium. The Trojans are currently in second place behind the Ducks in the PAC-10 conference. This game will show feature a lot of pride and guts as both teams try to beat each other out to reign supreme in the PAC-10 and a possible spot in the BCS.

USC's defense is a little bit in disarray right now, it surrendered 589 passing yards in their last two games. The Trojans' defense is capable of shutting down an opponents' offense game plan. But, it their tough and bruising defense was not present in their last two games. Coach Pete Carroll believes that their pass defense will be better against the Ducks. Hmmm, a little tough talk might have awakened the Trojans' senses during their practice.

To beat the Ducks, a healthy dose of RBs Joe McKnight and Allen Bradford will do the trick. Oregon's defense, which lacks the size and strength up front are their main weakness against these two Trojans' RBs. There is also a possibility that the Trojans' defensive line may overpower, penetrate and create a huge on Oregon's side.

The Oregon Ducks have the crowd on their side, since game is scheduled for Halloween night, expect rowdier fans to greet and intimidate the visiting Trojans. One thing positive for the Ducks, USC has not won in the state of Oregon since 2005. This thing could simply bump up the intensity and fire on the belly of each Ducks' player. The USC Trojans are a tough and powerful opponent but never underestimate the pride of the Oregon Ducks.

The handicapping gurus have penciled the Trojans as the favorite to beat the Ducks. But there's a hitch, the game is to close to call.

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