WBO / WBC Bantamweight Title Match:Fernando Montiel vs. Nonito DonaireFebruary 16, 2011 by Marc Jerbs

On Saturday, the Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino will host the WBO/WBC Bantamweight title match of Mexico's Fernando Montiel and Philippines' Nonito Donaire in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Fernando Montiel is Mexico's least known boxer among other Mexican greats such as Chavez, Marquez, Morales and Barrera. He's a silent operator that packs speed and power. He's already won three titles on three weight division, flyweight, junior bantamweight and bantamweight.

In his last four fight, he won all of it with superb boxing skills and ring precision. He's last fight was against Japan's Hozumi Hazegawa wherein he badly beaten Hazegawa into submission in the 4th round. That tremendous win set up the match against the rising 2nd Filipino superstar Nonito Donaire.

Nonito Donaire earned tremendous adulation after beating Wladimir Sidorenko in his last fight. Sidorenko was bloodied and was dropped three times which led to a 4th round knockout. Donaire has ruled the flyweight and junior bantamweight division. Other elite boxers are ducking him in this two lower weight categories because they fear Donaire's speed, power and unorthodox southpaw stance.

The match between this two boxers are tailored made for a classic match. Only one will bring home the title. One may hold on to it. While the other maybe proclaimed as the new champion.

The sports handicappers have installed the Filipino challenger Nonito Donaire as the favorite to beat and snatch the title of Fernando Montiel this Saturday night. To be the best, you must fight and beat the best.

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