Yankees all set for the
ALCS against the AngelsOctober 14, 2009 by Marc Jerbs

On Friday, the NY Yankees will face the LA Angels in Game 1 of the ALCS at the newly built Yankees Stadium. Expect a slam bang affair in this series as both teams have big time pitchers and big time hitters. Yankees ace pitcher CC Sabathia will have the ball in Game 1 and the Angels will counter with John Lackey.

The Yankees main challenge in this series is to emerge victorious against the Angels. They have met the Angels twice in the postseason, but both series sent the Yankees packing.

But this season, the Yankees have turned it around after a slow start and re-emerged themselves as the team to beat this postseason. They have reverted back to their tried and tested formula in the postseason, superb pitching and timely hitting. These Yankees have molded into a more relax baseball players and cohesive unit.

The Angels are also a superb baseball teams because they have outpitched and outhustled the Yankees during their series in 2002 and 2005.

For them to have a chance to dismay and frustrate the Yankee nation, they must rely on their veteran core to battle them pitch by pitch and hit by hit.

This series have a lot of intrigues, could Alex Rodriguez stay hot? Will Chone Figgins' speed and base stealing prowess test the arm of catcher Posada? Will the Angels draw its ire against their former player Mark Teixeira?

These are some of the plots that series have generated and its fun to watch as the game unfolds.

In this series, it may appear as a toss up. But handicappers gave the Yankees the slight edge in Game 1 against the LA Angels. Will it be let's go Yankees or let's go Angels let's go? You make your choice. . .

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