National League Pennant

Tuesday, Nov. 01, 2022 08:00pm EDT

We offer the latest National League Pennant online. Check out up-to-the-minute point spreads, money lines and totals betting odds for your favorite NL Championship team now.

Arizona Diamondbacks 2500-1
Atlanta Braves 5-1
Chicago Cubs 2500-1
Cincinnati Reds 9999-1
Colorado Rockies 2500-1
Los Angeles Dodgers 175-100
Miami Marlins 2500-1
Milwaukee Brewers 20-1
New York Mets 9-4
Philadelphia Phillies 15-1
Pittsburgh Pirates 5000-1
San Diego Padres 20-2
San Francisco Giants 100-1
St Louis Cardinals 12-1
Washington Nationals 9999-1

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