NBA 2K20 Sims Betting Odds

We offer the latest NBA 2K20 Sims Betting Odds online. Check out up-to-the-minute point spreads, money lines and totals betting odds for your favorite NBA 2K20 Sims team now.

NBA 2K20 Live Simulation - Game 7933Wednesday, Jul. 08, 2020 09:45pm EDT
Driver ODDS
Blazers Mavericks
70s All Stars 60s All Stars
2010s All Stars 80s All Stars
2000s All Stars 90s All Stars
10-11 Mavericks Mavericks
12-13 Heat 05-06 Heat
07-08 Celtics Celtics
Rockets 93-94 Rockets
Bucks 70-71 Bucks
86-87 Lakers Lakers
Raptors Grizzlies
Rockets Jazz
Warriors Celtics
13-14 Spurs 70-71 Bucks
07-08 Celtics 05-06 Heat
86-87 Lakers 88-89 Pistons

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