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Eurocup Basketball is the second-tier professional basketball competition in Europe. It is composed of teams from European domestic leagues that are part of the Union of European Basketball Leagues.

Teams qualify for the Eurocup based on their performance in their respective national leagues and cup competitions.

Eurocup Basketball winners are invited to participate in the next season's Euroleague.

The Eurocup was established in 2002 and is considered as a combination of the defunct FIBA Korac Cup and Saporta Cup competitions.

Available bets on Eurocup

There are generally two ways to bet on Eurocup, these are:

  • Outright / Group Winner - a bet on which team will win the Eurocup championship or specified group.

  • Eurocup Matchup - a bet on the winner of individual Eurocup games (e.g. bet on the winner of the match between Valencia Baloncesto and BC Donetsk or Cibona Zagreb and Lokomotiv Kuban).

In a bet on the outright Eurocup winner, betting sites list the participating teams and their respective odds, just like the following:

Outright Eurocup Winner
Valencia Baloncesto 9/4
Lietuvos Rytas Vilnius 6/1
BC Khimki Moscow Region 7/1
Gran Canaria 9/1
Aris Tessalonikki 11/1
Spartak Saint Petersburg 16/1
Lyon-Villeurbanne 18/1
Cholet Basket 22/1
Treviso 22/1
Hapoel Jerusalem 22/1
Lokomotiv Kuban 28/1

You just have to bet on which team you think has the best chance of winning the Eurocup championship.

Let's say you placed a €20.00 on Valencia Baloncesto. If Valencia Baloncesto wins the Eurocup Championsip, at odds of 9/4, your €20.00 wins €45.00 for a return of €65.00.

Let's say Aris Tessalonikki wins the championship and you placed a €20.00 on the team. At odds of 11/1, your €20.00 bet wins €220.00 for a return of €240.00.

Meanwhile a bet on the Eurocup Group Winner is a bet on the team which you think has the best chance of winning a particular group in the Regular Season and Last 16.

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