Bet on Euroleague Basketball

Euroleague Basketball is the premier basketball league in Europe. It is composed of teams from 18 different countries in Europe.

Since the 2010-2011 season, Euroleague Basketball was named the Turkish Airlines Euroleague.

The league is operated by the Union of European Leagues of Basketball (ULEB), a Europe-wide consortium of leading professional basketball leagues.

The Euroleague's first phase is the Qualifying Round. It involves two eight-team, single-game tournaments. All losing clubs in the Qualifying Round are relegated to the Eurocup, ULEB's second-tier tournament. While the two winners advance to the Regular Season.

The Euroleague's Regular Season is composed of 24 (22 clubs automatically entered plus the two Qualifying Round winners) clubs divided in four groups. Each team plays 10 games within its group. The best four clubs within each group advance to Top 16.

The Top 16 features the 16 remaining clubs from the Regular Season, drawn into four-team groups. Each team plays six games within its group in a double round-robin system. The best two teams from each group advance to the quarterfinal playoffs.

The Quarterfinal Playoffs is a best-of-five series between the top two teams of each Top 16 group, with the four series winners advancing to Final Four.

Qualifiers for the Euroleague's Final Four meet in a single-game semi-final. Losers of the semi-final game battle each other for third place. Meanwhile, the winners of the semi-final game contest the Euroleauge Championship in a single-game final.

Available bets on Euroleague Basketball

There are generally three ways to bet on Euroleague Basketball, these are:

  • Outright Euroleague Winner - a bet on which team will win the championship.

  • Euroleague Group Winners - a bet on which team will win in each group (Regular Season and Top 16).

  • Euroleague Matchup - a bet on the winner of individual Euroleague games (e.g. bet on the winner of the match between Barcelona and Montepaschi Siena or Fenerbahce and Olympiakos).

In a bet on the outright Euroleague winner, sports betting sites list the participating teams and their respective odds, just like the following:

Outright Euroleague Winner
Barcelona 9/4
CSKA Moscow 3/1
Panathinaikos 13/2
Maccabi Electra 13/2
Montepaschi Siena 10/1
Anadolu Efes 10/1
Olympiakos 14/1
Real Madrid 14/1

You just have to bet on which you think has the best chance of winning the Euroleague title. Or you can just bet on your favorite team!

Let's say you picked the 2010 Champions Barcelona and placed a €10.00 bet. At odds of 9/4, if Barcelona wins the title again, your €10.00 bet will win €22.50 for a total return of €32.50 (your original bet plus your winnings).

If you bet €10.00 on Olympiakos, and Olympiakos wins the Euroleague championsip, at odds of 14/1, you'll get €150.00 (€10.00 original bet plus €140.00 winnings).

Meanwhile a bet on Euroleague Group Winners is just like a bet on the Outright Euroleague Winner. But instead considering all of the participating teams, you just have to look at the chances of each team against the other teams in their group.

Meanwhile, in a Euroleague matchup bet, you just have to pick the winner of a particular game.

Sports betting sites usually list the matchup of the competing teams, their handicap (or spread) and their corresponding odds, like the following:

Barcelona -2.5 (10/11)
Asseco Prokom + 2.5 (10/11)

Fenerbahce -5.5 (4/5)
Cantu +5.5 (evens)

Maccabi Electra -4.5 (19/20)
Spirou Basket Charleroi +4.5(17/20)

You may notice that some Spread and Totals have ".5" points, this is done to avoid ties and return bets.

First Half and Quarter Lines are also offered on Euroleague matchups. Instead of waiting for the full game result, you have the option to bet on the outcome of a particular half or quarter.

Proposition Bets are also offered on Euroleague games. These Props include bets on the actual winning margin for a match, bets on which team will score the most points in a quarter, a bet on the odd or even total of a game, etc.

Truly, there are lots of bets on Euroleague. The challenge is for you to intimately know each Euroleague team and each Euroleague bet. Make sure you bet selectively. Good luck!

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