Bet on the County Championship

The County Championship is the domestic first-class cricket competition in England and Wales.

Now known as the LV= County Championship, the tournament is played from April to September and is participated in by nine teams. All of the teams except Glamorgan are named after historic English counties. Glamorgan, of course, is a Welsh county.

The County Championship works on a points system. The team with the most points is declared as the winner as opposed to other sports where the winner is decided by the win-loss record.

The County Championship awards the following points:

  • Win: 16 points + bonus points
  • Tie: 8 points + bonus points
  • Draw: 3 points + bonus points
  • Loss: Bonus points

Bonus points are collected for batting and bowling and can only be obtained from the first 110 overs of each team's first innings. Bonus points are retained regardless of the outcome of the match.

Available bets on the County Championship

There are generally three ways to bet on the County Championship, these are:

  • Outright County Championship Winner - a bet on which team will win the Championship.

  • County Championship Fixtures - a bet on the winner of individual County Championship fixtures (e.g. bet on the winner of the match between Hampshire and Yorkshire or Derbyshire and Leicestershire).

  • County Championship Specials - also known as props or propositions, Specials are bets on the outcome of a special event during County Championship fixtures, for example: who would be declared as the top batsman and bowler of a particular match; a bet on the correct score of the match; a bet on which team will win the toss and many others.

In a bet on the outright County Championship winner, sports betting sites list the participating teams and their respective odds, just like the following:

Outright County Championship Winner
Hampshire 7/2
Yorkshire 7/2
Essex 5/1
Northants 7/1
Glamorgan 8/1
Gloucestershire 9/1
Kent 10/1
Derbyshire 14/1
Leicestershire 16/1

You just have to bet on which you think has the best chance of winning the County Championship or just choose your favorite team.

Let's say you picked the favorite Hampshire and placed a €20.00 bet. At odds of 7/2, if Hampshire wins the County Championship, your €20.00 bet will win €70.00 for a total return of €90.00 (your original bet plus your winnings).

If you bet €10.00 on the long-shot Leicestershire, and Leicestershire wins the Championship, at odds of 16/1, you'll get a return of €170.00 (€10.00 original bet plus €160.00 winnings).

Meanwhile, in the County Championship matchup bet, you just have to pick which team has a better of winning the match.

Sports betting sites list a County Championship matchup as:

Yorkshire 1/1
Kent 11/4

Let's say you picked Yorkshire and placed a €20.00 bet. At odds of 1/1 (also called evens or even odds), if Yorkshire wins the match against Kent, your €20.00 bet will win €20.00 for a total return of €40.00 (your original bet plus your winnings).

On the other hand, if you bet €20.00 on Kent, and Kent wins the match against Yorkshire, at odds of 11/4, you'll get a return of €75.00 (€20.00 original bet plus €55.00 winnings).

Meanwhile, betting sites also offer props or proposition bets for County Championship matches. These propositions include betting on the top batsman and bowler for each team, the man of the match, which team will win the toss, player performances and many others.

Truly, the County Championship offers a lot of betting options for both casual and seasoned bettors. They key to winning County Championship bets is to constantly research on all the teams and every single player. You should weigh all the factors of a bet coolly and objectively.

Furthermore, you should have a consistent, disciplined and long-term approach to betting on the County Championship.

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