Bet on Motor Sports

Motor Sports are extremely popular across Europe and the world over.

Formula One, or F1, auto racing's biggest stage, has traditionally been dominated by European drivers and teams. Also, many grand prix on the F1 calendar are held in Europe.

This include:

  • Belgian Grand Prix
  • British Grand Prix
  • European Grand Prix
  • German Grand Prix
  • Hungarian Grand Prix
  • Italian Grand Prix
  • Monaco Grand Prix
  • Spanish Grand Prix
  • Turkish Grand Prix

Another popular Motor Sport is racing on motorcycles. Motorcycle speedway racing is hugely popular in Poland, Scandinavia, the Czech Republic and the United Kingdom as shown in the British Superbike Championship.

Available bets on Motor Sports

There are generally three ways to bet on Golf, these are:

  • Outright Winner - a bet on which driver will be the outright winner of a racing season (e.g. bet on this year's Formula One season winner). Some sports betting sites also provide a bet on which team will win the season.

  • Gran Prix Winner - a bet on which driver will win a particular grand prix (e.g. bet on this year's European Grand Prix winner).

  • Props or Propositions - a bet made on the outcome of an aspect of a grand prix, but which is not a typical part of the in-game betting. Proposition bets in Motor Sports may include betting on which driver will have the fastest lap, the finishing position of a particular driver, which driver will retire first, the length of the safety period of a race, etc.

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