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The history of Rugby League as a separate form of Rugby goes back to 1895 in Huddersfield, Northern England when the Northern Rugby Football Union broke away from the established Rugby Football Union to administer its own competition.

Similar splits occurred later in Australia and New Zealand in 1908. The new governing bodies gradually changed the rules of the sport, creating a new professional form of Rugby football.

Today, Rugby League has evolved into a modern sport highlighted by the Super League - the top-level professional rugby league football club competition in Europe.

Each year, the Super League champion plays a game against the premiers of the Australasian National Rugby League in a competition called the World Club Challenge.

As the sport's popularity grows, so is its appeal to bettors.

Available bets on Rugby League

There are generally two ways to bet on Rugby League, these are:

  • Grand Final / Outright Winner - a bet on which team will be the outright winner or grand final winner of a Rugby League competition (e.g. bet on the Four Nations' winner or this year's Super League's grand final winner).

  • Fixtures / Matches - a bet on the winner of a Rugby League fixture or match (e.g. bet on the winner of the match between England and Wales or the Warrington Wolves and the Wigan Warriors).

In a Rugby League bet on the outright winner, betting sites usually list the name of the Rugby League competition, the participating teams and their matching odds, just like the following:

Four Nations Series
Australia 1/2
New Zealand 13/5
England 11/2
Wales 125/1

All you have to do is pick which team has the best chance of winning the tournament.

In the above example, Australia is the favorite, while Wales is the long shot. At odds of 1/2, a €10.00 bet on Australia returns €15.00 (€10.00 bet + €5.00 winnings). Meanwhile, a €10.00 bet on Wales returns €1,260.00 (€10.00 bet + €1,250.00 winnings).

Meanwhile, in a Fixture / Match bet, you just have to pick the winner of a particular Ruby League match. A peculiarity of the matchup bet is the option to bet on the Draw or Tie. Betting sites usually list the competition name, the matchup of the teams and their corresponding odds, just like the following:

Home Draw Away
Bradford v Widnes 8/11 16/1 11/10
Castleford v Wakefield 15/8 18/1 4/9
Crusaders v Harlequins 4/5 16/1 evens

Note that some sites list Home as "1", Draw as "X" and Away as "2".

In the above example, in the Crusaders v Harlequins fixture, Harlequins are marked "evens" or even odds (1/1), thus a €10.00 will return €20.00 (€10.00 bet + €10.00 winnings).

In the Castleford v Wakefield match, Castleford is the underdog while Wakefield is the favorite. A €10.00 bet on Castleford will return €28.75 (€10.00 bet + €18.75 winnings) while a €10.00 bet on Wakefield will return €14.44 (€10.00 bet + €4.44 winnings).

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