Cricket Betting

Cricket has a history longer than any other team game. The game can be traced back to Tudor times in early 16th-century England. Evidence shows that an early form of cricket called "creag" was played by Prince Edward, the son of Edward I (Longshanks), at Newenden, Kent in 1301.

Today, Cricket is widely considered as the world's second most popular spectator sport after Soccer (Football). Cricket is huge in England, New Zealand, the Caribbean, India, Pakistan, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe and of course Australia.

Meanwhile, Cricket's popularity for sport for betting purposes is gaining. It is extremely well-liked among bettors due to the huge range of possible scores and the variety of bets available.

Different Kinds of Cricket Bets

Outright Results
A bettor simply predicts whether a team will win, lose or draw.

Top Scorer
A bettor predicts which player will score the most runs for his team

Top Bowler
A bettor predicts which player will take the most wickets.

Man of the match
A bettor predicts which player will play sufficiently well to be declared "man of the match".

In addition to these popular Cricket bets, there are also a variety of head-to-head and performance betting markets to get involved in.

One of the things that all serious bettors love about cricket is the wealth of statistical data they can evaluate and analyze to help them make future Cricket betting decisions.

Batting and wicket averages for both individuals and teams are probably the most commonly used figures, but real enthusiasts can pretty much delve into the subject as deeply as they want, thanks to some excellent online and offline statistical resources.

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