Any-to-Come (If-Cash Bets)

Any-to-Come bets or If-Cash Bets are known as conditional bets. This means that if a part of the bet wins, then a predetermined amount will be wagered on one or more of the other selections.

For example, you placed a bet on two selections composed of two single bets. If your first selection wins, then the original stake is placed as a single bet on the second selection.

If you win both selections, each original stake is placed as a single on the other selection, giving you twice the winnings for just one stake unit. However, if you lose in the second selection, both stakes are lost.

Any-to-Come bets are especially useful if you have limited bankroll but would still like to bet on multiple selections.

For example, you would like to bet on FC Barcelona vs. Manchester United and Real Madrid vs. Arsenal in their respective matches in the UEFA Champions Cup, but only have enough bankroll to bet on the FC Barcelona and Manchester United match.

With the Any-to-Come bet, you can bet on FC Barcelona to win against Manchester United and then bet on Arsenal to win against Real Madrid in a single betting ticket. If FC Barcelona wins, your original stake will be automatically placed to your second selection which is Arsenal. It's that simple!

Any-to-Come bets have a lot of variations and come in as little as two bets to as many as 46 bets. Here are some of the more popular variations of Any-to-Come bets:

Round Robin
A bet on three selections composed of 10 separate bets: 3 doubles, 1 treble and 3 up-and-down bets (each of 2 separate bets). A win in one selection guarantees a return.

A bet on four selections composed of 23 separate bets: 6 doubles, 4 trebles, 1 four-fold and 6 up-and-down bets. A win in one selection guarantees a return.

Super Flag
A bet on five selections composed of 46 separate bets: 10 doubles, 10 trebles, 5 four-folds, 1 fivefold and 10 up-and-down bets. A win in one selection guarantees a return.

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Any-to-Come bets offer the opportunity to exponentially grow a meager bankroll. But as more bets and selections are incorporated into the bet, the harder it is to win the entire bet. So choose wisely and use Any-to-Come bets when the right opportunity presents itself.

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