In-Play Bets

In-play bets, also called Live Bets, are bets made in real-time after a match, race or tournament has started. This comes in contrast to traditional or pre-match bets where you have to make your selections before the start of the match.

The emergence of In-Play Bets has been made possible by advances in online technology where matches can now be streamed live and odds can be updated in real-time.

In-Play bets offer punters a unique opportunity to see the match as it unfolds before placing a bet and parting with their hard-earned bankroll.

For example, if the star striker of a football team gets injured in the first couple of minutes of their match, a bet on the opposing team will definitely be a hard one to pass.

In basketball, a team may start cold and shoot blanks. This gives a valuable insight on how the rest of the half or game would progress especially if you're considering a Totals or Over / Under bet.

As you can see, the chances of accurately predicting the outcome of a match significantly rise after watching just a part of it.

However, In-Play Bets move rapidly and odds may change pretty quickly. Thus, you have to be equally fast and focused to get the most out of every bet.

Another thing to consider with In-Play Bets is the huge number of bets available - from the next goal scored to half-time or full-time result and everything in between.

You may be tempted to place bets based on the high odds offered, but you have to be careful and only place bets after you have carefully considered all the risks.

So be sure to make smart In-Play Bets by betting selectively and waiting for the right opportunities.

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